Your story might be the most important legacy you leave...

In Your Own Words works with individuals and families to record the memories, anecdotes, insights and experiences that have made a life or built a business or organization. 


Through one-on-one interviews, Betty Marton creates written narratives that convey each storytellers' unique journey and reflects who they are. The process is invaluable and the finished product is a gift for generations to come.

We all have stories to tell...

...even those of us who think we don't. Your stories are unique and they matter—to your family, to your community, as part of our collective history.  In Your Own Words preserves all kinds of stories and keeps them alive from generation to generation. We help tell about what it was like for you to raise a family or travel the world, build a business or a career, contribute to your community or work for a cause. 


In Your Own Words projects are often motivated by those who want to know more about how their elders lived or how an organization grew. Once the process unfolds, even reluctant storytellers open up and realize the value of the gift they are creating—and they enjoy it more than they could imagine!
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